Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meet the Maker - Mini Treasures

We asked some questions to find out more about our Member Nicola Broom and her business 'Mini Treasures'.

How did you decide on your business name and how long did it take? 
About a week maybe slightly longer. I was aiming at babies & children as first but have taken another direction since & tend to be taking more adults prints & pets too.

What year did you establish your business? 2009

What led you to create your business?
Having had 2 ectopic pregnancies & losing both fallopian tubes, I had to undergo IVF in order to have my first baby in 2005. I wanted to capture as many memories as I could of my baby daughter as she grew over the years. I came across the fingerprint jewellery range & had one made for my birthday. I looked into a franchise but this wasn't for me so I found out about the training and Mini Treasures was born in 2009.

Is there one item that you’ve created which is more memorable than others?
I have created many memorable items for customers who have celebrated the birth of a baby or a much loved keepsake after the loss of a loved one. Whilst typing this I am looking at a fab keepsake of my own, my 2 daughters 2D prints. I never thought I would be able to have one child so to have two is a miracle.

What’s your most expensive item?
The single most expensive item would probably be a framed sibling casting like mine or a 3D casting I did of 3 sisters (it depends how many children). With the jewellery a customer may purchase an item & add to it as they have extra children so the cost can vary, you may also have a couple of customers buying a joint gift for a grandparents special birthday so they order a number of charms with the grandchildren's prints on.

What’s your most affordable item?
£7.50 for a newborn hanging heart plaque.

What are your plans for your business this coming year? 
Looking for a new logo but at present I don't have any ideas how I want it to look.

And now for the fun questions...

What’s your most favourite take away?
Love Indian takeaway, just had it this evening for our wedding anniversary meal whilst the children are asleep.

Which celebrity would you like to deliver your take away?
Ooooo that's a hard one lol.....David Beckham or Ian Somerhalder 

What’s your favourite drink on a summer’s evening?
Baileys with lots of ice

Trousers or skirts?
Trousers. I will wear skirts in the summer but you generally find me in trousers.

High heels or flats?
I do love a heel but most of the time I am in flats due to being a mum to a 3 year old & 9 year old, I have a lot of running around

Favourite time of year?
I do love to snuggle up in the winter but I would say summer as its nice to wake up to the lighter mornings, the warm weather cheers everybody up. You have more daylight hours.

Favourite place to visit?

Abroad I would choose Florida. We have been 3 times now. In the UK I love Leeds Castle, the gardens are lovely we purchased tickets in the Easter holidays & have been twice recently. Also love North Wales, we have family there & the mountain scenery is beautiful, especially around Snowdonia.

Want to see more work by Nicola, then stop by the website www.minitreasures.co.uk or the Facebook page 'Mini Treasures'

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