Saturday, 29 December 2012

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas....

On behalf of the Guild and the Ambassadors who have worked so hard this year we wanted to say thank you to every member and every fan of The Guild of Keepsake Artists. We have lots of exciting to secret projects planned for the next year but we will be keeping some of our favourite things ticking over. Here are some of things we hope to continue with:

  • Keepsake Artist of the Month and feature their interview and work on our blog. We have the next couple of artists lined up already and they are good-un's!
  • Give members the opportunity to be featured artists for the day as we have in the past and promote them through our facebook page
  • Lots of fun games and activities that everyone can get involved in and get to know each other, after all we are a community and we have seen some strong online friendships formed though our work!
  • Themed days run by our ambassadors, the format may be changed slightly but we still need to fine tune it!
Our Main New Year Resolution is to UPDATE THE BLOG more regularly! So make sure you bookmark us or google+ us or whatever we do these days to keep on being notified of new posts!

I will be back soon with some more updates but for now I will leave you with our completed 
Secret Santa Advent Calender featuring some wonderful keepsake artists.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Keepsake secret Santa advent

We will be launching our keepsake advent tomorrow... Don't know what it is? All will be revealed. Keep up to date with the latest news and events on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Featured Artist: Buttons & Butterflies

Introduce yourself, who are you and what sort of keepsakes do you create?
Hello!  I'm Laura Galloway – mother of two tinies, ex-Probation Officer, and general lover of all things made.  I create keepsakes such as my 'brought to life' decorative keepsakes of children's drawings, as well as an awful lot of wedding and Christening canvasses :)

How and when did you start creating what you do?
After making for my family and friends over the years, I first went public in March 2012 and was then nagged by my early customers to start a Facebook business page.  Buttons & Butterflies was 'born' on 4th April 2012 and at least half of my creations are simply down to my regulars asking if I can make a certain item.  But I never make the same thing twice – everything has a unique tweak!

What are your most popular/ best selling items?
My best selling items are undoubtedly my wedding canvasses, as I think people understand that not only are they beautiful due to featuring vintage buttons, but they truly are a keepsake from an unforgettable day.

What is your favourite item to make?
I adore making my canvasses, as it means I can work with a huge amount of buttons!  But I also really enjoy anything involving fabrics, as I love to combine colours and patterns that shouldn't really go together.

What is the story behind the winning item in the competition?
The winning item was a Christening gift from one friend to another, and I remember making a butterfly headband to go with it.  It was the first time I'd been asked to create a Christening canvas featuring a butterfly, but as with most of my commissions, I was given relative free rein and so was able to really play with the colours and the detail.  That's my favourite kind of commission – one where the customer has a rough idea of what they want but tells you that they're leaving it up to you.  That's when I think the end result can be really magical.

Do you have any plans to introduce any new products to your range?
I am FOREVER introducing new products as I'm FOREVER being asked by customers if I would be able to make such and such an item!  It's fantastic as it stops me getting restless or bored.  My business has been almost 100% commissioned work up until now, but I will very shortly be creating items that will be released into a 'Ready To Buy' album.  This will mean that not only will people be able to bypass my usual 3-4 week very friendly queue ;) but that I will be able to continue scratching my creative itch and creating the makes that pop into my head when I wake at 2am!

Do you have an online shop/Facebook page/Etsy shop? Where do you think most of your sales are generated?
I have the rights to a website but have been too busy recently to get it up and running – it's on my To Do list!!  But I generate most of my sales through my page at and the rest has been through local selling sites on Facebook also.  Although it would be wonderful to go bigger, I love the charm involved in it being homemade, handcrafted and created with love and care.  As long as I can sustain this principle then I will be happy, and hopefully my customers will be too.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Competition

We are pleased to announce the winners of our SUMMER themed voting competition which took place on our facebook page and ended at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games!

In BRONZE medal position with a gorgously sunny personalised cushion is Ragz2Riches

In SILVER position was Tiny Treasures with her 'August' Christening Pendant

And coming in first taking the GOLD medal is Buttons & Butterflies with her Butterfly Canvas

Keep an eye on the blog as an interview with Buttons & Butterflies will follow very soon.....

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Father's day Keepsake Competition Result!

Congratulations to the winner of 
The Guild of Keepsake Artists 
Father's Day Keepsake Competition: 

Neverland Keepsake Creations

Stunning silver hand/foot cufflinks 
made from your little one's prints.

2nd place went to
Little Boo Keepsakes

3rd place went to
Fingerprint Jewellery (Newcastle)

Thank you to everyone who voted in the competition! And don't forget to order your keepsake gifts well in advance as some bespoke items can take take weeks. Father's Day is June 19th this year!

If jewellery isn't really dad's thing then we have a wide range of other keepsake ideas including:

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Father's Day Competition

We have launched a Father's Day Competition over on the facebook page. Our members have submitted their best keepsake ideas suitable for Dad's so pop over and leave a comment to vote for your favourite:

There is a wide variety of keepsakes available and you might just see something unique that daddy will love!

Voting closes on Thursday at 8pm and the winner will be featured on the website in the run up to Sunday 19th June. The top 3 items will take pride of place on the cover photo of the facebook page!

If you want to submit an entry to the competition album then post your photo on our wall, entries will be taken up to 8pm tonight (Tuesday).

Friday, 13 April 2012

Website Launch!

That's right I said Launch...not Lunch! (i'm hungry can you tell?)

It's been a couple of months in the making but the website has finally gone LIVE! I wanted to make sure it's boots were polished and it has cleaned behind it's ears before exposing it to the public. As with any web development we will be adding and adapting it as we go along but so far the links are working, the shop is functioning and all systems are go.

We can now be found on

We have a fully interactive home page with direct links to the shop catagories and the large image at the top will take you to the recent featured artist blog posts:

Every member is eligable to purchase a 'pitch' on the site. We currently offer packages for 3 months and 12 months at very low prices so you can choose it to suit your business. We have started up with a nice selection of products from various keepsake artists:

Neverland Keepsake Creations are primarily jewelley but they also have products available in Men, Children & Love!

Ingrained in Grain are also Jewellery but their style is completely different!

Liboli Creations share a couple of their best selling keepsake in the paper craft catagory.

Pretty as a Picture have a variety of decorative handmade pictures for a range of purposes.

Heartworks is showcasing some of their most popular pieces in the textiles catagory and the Children's catagory.

Tammels who make felted creatures feature in the art objects catagory and also make wonderful gifts for Children.

Fingertips could have been a number of catagories but you will find their unique art in Decorative!

We are looking for any new members to set up their pitch so they can use it to direct to their customers, paypal provides a safe way to accept payments and customers should feel more comfortable ordering directly from the site.

So, who wants to join us on our exciting new venture? If you have any questions please email or visit the facebook page We are here to take the hassel and expense of selling and networking online!

Come and visit us and give us some feedback as we want to continually improve and develop the site to make it the best! A one stop shop for keepsake art

Friday, 6 April 2012

March- April Updates

I know I should update the blog much more than I do but its been a very busy month so I thought I would give you an update:

We have had lots of new members join us on our Facebook page and they all like to share their latest products and offers with us regularly. Its a great way to showcase your work and I share as many as I can. Talking of the Facebook page we have upgraded to Timeline, there are some little bugs with it but hopefully these will be ironed out. You can still post on the page as normal though! This is our current cover photos but I'm hoping to organise something whereby I can showcase certain keepsake artists for a few days at a time, do you think this is a good idea?

The new website is currently in development and we have a few of our most active members have signed up for a 'shop' page to advertise their products which they can sell directly. These shop pitches will be available to purchase very soon but I need to develop the site a bit more first. Here is an example of one of the pitches in progress:

As you can see there will be the various catagories on the left to search through including some aditional ones such as Weddings and Children. If you have a shop page I will add your products to 2 suitable catagories. If you are interested in having a pitch then please email and I will let you know as soon as it is available.

I also have the opportunity to write an article about the Guild of Keepsake Artists and I have been asking questions about running a keepsake business and about keepsakes in general and some of the answers will be featured in the article so if you want to get involved make sure you pop over to the facebook page and join in with our discussions.

That's all I'm going to give away for now but I will post a new blog when I get the website a bit more up to date and we can start organising more pitch places! Keep your eyes peeled :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Top 5 Keepsake Gifts for Mother's Day!

With Mother's Dayfast approaching it is time to start looking for that perfect gift to make her feel special, especially if you want something unique and personalised. Here I have selected 5 of my favourite pieces from some of our Guild members to give you some inspiration:

1. This is something to put on display and cherish forever. A picture fridge magnet created by Ring of Roses Choose your own photo and message for a completely unique gift. Prices from only £7 plus p&p.

2. What mummy wouldn't appreciate a lovely piece of handmade jewellery, especially if it is hand-stamped with a special message! How about this contemporary piece by Rebekah Heyburn Jewellery which can be fully customised for you!

3. Is your mum an avid book reader and you would love to get her a new book but can't decide what to choose then go for this beautiful bookmark instead by Ingrained in Grain. The heart pendant contains a grain of rice with your own choice of name or message. And it's only £8.50 plus p&p!

4. Words can mean so much so treat your mum to a note she can cherish always. A Few Words create bespoke prints and this one is an example with a little bit of humour!

5. Finally, don't forget the most important thing on Mother's Day, the Card! Create a completely personalised card using your own individual fingerprint from Fingertips, they have a range of cute drawings but this one is bound to be a winner when she opens it!

Mothering Sunday 25/03/12

Please come and visit the Facebook page for more great ideas and to join in the great community of artists and crafters!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Featured Artist: Fingertips

Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you create that is a bespoke keepsake?

Hi we are Amber & Kathryn a Daughter & Mother team based in Hampshire.

Hi, I'm Amber, a Crafty Creator and Founder of FingerTips Designs. I am a busy Mum to Sophie Jayne and engaged to the lovely Phil. My maternity leave gave me time with my precious daughter and to focus on my passion for all things crafty and enabling people to create. 
I have a BA (hons) in Fine Art and specialised in Community Art.
I strongly believe everyone has some Artist ability and love to enable people to realise their potential.
My Mission: To get everyone creating and enjoying Art!

Hi, I'm Kathryn, a fellow Crafty Creator. I have a NFCE Qualification in Wedding Craft and a world of Crafting experience.
My Mission: To source materials from sustainable resources and local suppliers.

FingerTips Designs are a unique way of celebrating all your special occasions. A fun and quirky alternative to the traditional guest book which is not only a great ice breaker but a great activity for people of all ages and abilities.
Your guest’s fingerprints bring the Artwork to life in a truly unique way and sign their name. The effect is stunning and you have a bespoke Artwork to document your event. All designs are custom made to your requirements.
How and when did you start creating what you do?

The Love Tree was the first design I, Amber, created for our good friends who live in America. They got married in America but we couldn’t be part of their big day as our Little Sophie Jayne was only a couple of months old. In May 2011 they came over for a big celebration of their wedding where their friends and family in the UK could celebrate their happy event. I wanted to create something for them that they could take home with them to America and be reminded of all their friends and family in the UK.
After being overwhelmed by the reaction the Love Tree received and how it got everyone talking it started me thinking about the potential the concept had. So back home I started fingerprinting a sheet of paper and got creating fun characters and designs. And so FingerTips was born in June 2011.
I was made redundant while on maternity leave which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it gave me time to focus on this new venture.
My fellow Crafty Creator and Mother, Kathryn, has been an invaluable source of ideas, knowledge, support and guidance it making FingerTips a reality.

We started very small with 10 keyrings and a Facebook page to test the concept and if there was a market. WOW = the response with had from family, friends and the growing number of fans we were attracting. From this we booked up a craft fair in June and have stormed ahead in a whirlwind!

What is your favourite thing about making keepsakes?

Our fabulous fans! Their enthusiasm and passion for our products is overwhelming and gives us a warm glow inside. To have the knowledge that through our products we have been chosen to be part of their special events and enabling them to document their special day or capture a moment in time in a truly unique keepsake, is amazing. We are always delighted at the positive feedback we receive and love seeing our Designs and concept in action.

What are your most popular/ best selling items?

At our events there is a clear winner in our Keyrings. This was the first product we tested on the public and is still a firm favourite.

Although online our Guest Celebration Kits are trumps. We love creating bespoke Artworks and enjoy working with our customers to create the perfect keepsake for them to document their special occasion.

Are you planning to introduce any new products to your range?
Yes. We have just branched into our new ‘Humour’ range of designs which is our quirky take on the world around us. ‘Textured People’ are offering a different finish to our original designs. I like to be working on many projects at a time to keep my creative juices flowing!

We also have a top secret project under development...all very hush, hush at the moment.

Do you have an online shop/Facebook page/Etsy shop? Where do you think most of your sales are generated?

Our website is undergoing a huge revamp and has been a big learning curve for us. We have created our own website and are the sole admins. 

We started small to test our concept and products with 10 keyrings and a facebook page. Facebook is by far the most productive online tool we have. We can upload an image, ask a question and achieve instant market research to our targeted audience! The feedback and suggestions we receive is amazing. I would highly recommend setting-up a facebook page we know have a strong core of fans and over 1,200 followers in 7 months!

We have linked our facebook page with our twitter so whatever we put onto facebook is automatically uploaded to our twitter feed...tricks of the trade!

Now you may not believe this but our email address has generated the most sales! We attended many events and have a mailing list that has been generated through these events. People have contacted us directly through our email address about bespoke orders and our other services.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Featured Artist: Mrs H Makes

Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you create that is a bespoke keepsake?  

I've just turned 30 and given birth to my 3rd daughter who is now coming up to 7 months old, my older girls are 9 and almost 13! Yes I know big age gap! I make jointed bears from material supplied by the customer usually outgrown baby items but anything can be used really. I am also in the process of bringing out a range of dolls that can be fully customised, currently I am in the process of obtaining a CE mark so my dolls will be 100% safe for children. All items can be personalised with hand embroidered names and dates or any other wording free of charge.

How and when did you start creating what you do?

After having worked full time most of my daughters lives I decided as this was my last child I would spend as much time as possible with her and considered taking an extra 6 months maternity leave. Not knowing where we would get some extra income from I stumbled upon sewing (making blackout curtains for the baby). I have always been a bit crafty and my main job was deputy manager of a day centre for Mencap, I also held a position with Bupa as events/activities organiser. Anyway I found I had an ability to sew that I never realised was there (must of been in my genes my Nanny was a machinist). I also had all these beautiful baby clothes so started to alter them, I made a lovely dress from a baby vest/onesie and an old tshirt and was shocked at the result (must make another soon). Then I remembered a friend saying she was having a rabbit or something made from her baby clothes and I thought instantly I could do that, so I did!  

What is your favourite thing about making keepsakes? 

Peoples reactions when they see their bears I actually had a customer cry she was so pleased.

Are you planning to introduce any new products to your range?

 I have a few patterns that are sitting in a drawer that keep calling me one of them being a lamb. I'm also thinking of introducing some kind of personalised bunting but I'm keeping that under my hat for now.

Do you have an online shop/Facebook page/Etsy shop? Where do you think most of your sales are generated?

You can find me on facebook Its still early days for me but will be looking to have a website and also selling on maybe folksy or etsy.

Finally, if you have any special offers or incentives please share them with us.

At the moment my bears are at an introductory price of £25 each or 2 for £45 and 3 for £60 plus p&p