Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Featured Artist: Buttons & Butterflies

Introduce yourself, who are you and what sort of keepsakes do you create?
Hello!  I'm Laura Galloway – mother of two tinies, ex-Probation Officer, and general lover of all things made.  I create keepsakes such as my 'brought to life' decorative keepsakes of children's drawings, as well as an awful lot of wedding and Christening canvasses :)

How and when did you start creating what you do?
After making for my family and friends over the years, I first went public in March 2012 and was then nagged by my early customers to start a Facebook business page.  Buttons & Butterflies was 'born' on 4th April 2012 and at least half of my creations are simply down to my regulars asking if I can make a certain item.  But I never make the same thing twice – everything has a unique tweak!

What are your most popular/ best selling items?
My best selling items are undoubtedly my wedding canvasses, as I think people understand that not only are they beautiful due to featuring vintage buttons, but they truly are a keepsake from an unforgettable day.

What is your favourite item to make?
I adore making my canvasses, as it means I can work with a huge amount of buttons!  But I also really enjoy anything involving fabrics, as I love to combine colours and patterns that shouldn't really go together.

What is the story behind the winning item in the competition?
The winning item was a Christening gift from one friend to another, and I remember making a butterfly headband to go with it.  It was the first time I'd been asked to create a Christening canvas featuring a butterfly, but as with most of my commissions, I was given relative free rein and so was able to really play with the colours and the detail.  That's my favourite kind of commission – one where the customer has a rough idea of what they want but tells you that they're leaving it up to you.  That's when I think the end result can be really magical.

Do you have any plans to introduce any new products to your range?
I am FOREVER introducing new products as I'm FOREVER being asked by customers if I would be able to make such and such an item!  It's fantastic as it stops me getting restless or bored.  My business has been almost 100% commissioned work up until now, but I will very shortly be creating items that will be released into a 'Ready To Buy' album.  This will mean that not only will people be able to bypass my usual 3-4 week very friendly queue ;) but that I will be able to continue scratching my creative itch and creating the makes that pop into my head when I wake at 2am!

Do you have an online shop/Facebook page/Etsy shop? Where do you think most of your sales are generated?
I have the rights to a website but have been too busy recently to get it up and running – it's on my To Do list!!  But I generate most of my sales through my page at and the rest has been through local selling sites on Facebook also.  Although it would be wonderful to go bigger, I love the charm involved in it being homemade, handcrafted and created with love and care.  As long as I can sustain this principle then I will be happy, and hopefully my customers will be too.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Competition

We are pleased to announce the winners of our SUMMER themed voting competition which took place on our facebook page and ended at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games!

In BRONZE medal position with a gorgously sunny personalised cushion is Ragz2Riches

In SILVER position was Tiny Treasures with her 'August' Christening Pendant

And coming in first taking the GOLD medal is Buttons & Butterflies with her Butterfly Canvas

Keep an eye on the blog as an interview with Buttons & Butterflies will follow very soon.....