Sunday, 24 November 2013

The 12 Days...Showcase. Voting is now OPEN!

Good morning everyone, as of 9am this morning the voting for the 12 Days Showcase is now open for voting on the Facebook page.

You must leave a like and comment to vote for your favourite keepsakes. You can only vote once per photo but you can vote for multiple photos if you wish. If you do not have a Facebook account you can still cast a vote by viewing the entries on our website and emailing us who you wish to vote for!

Voting will close next Saturday at Midnight so don't leave it too long! After which a panel of judges will be picking their top 12 keepsakes for 2013 taking the public votes and their own votes into consideration.

Good luck everyone, and get sharing the album and photos!

Friday, 18 October 2013

12 Days of Christmas Showcase!

Christmas will be here before you know it and keepsake artists will know very well that they have to be prepared well in advance as custom made items take much longer to create, we are even aware of some members are fully booked up for Christmas 2013 and are taking orders for Christmas 2014!

This year we will be running another Christmas Showcase but with a twist! This year the theme is "The 12 Days..." and we aim to get as many members involved with a wide variety of keepsakes. The items in the showcase do not have to be christmas themed but they do have to be keepsakes of course!

Here is how it works:

Guild members can submit as many items as they wish to the Showcase, the more the better. Items can be submitted by Email, Facebook message or Twitter DM. They must include a picture and a description of the item. A price can be included if it is available to order.

All the submissions will be added over the coming weeks to a Facebook album and a gallery on the website. The closing date for submissions is Friday 15th November.

We will then open an online voting system via the Facebook album where the public will be able to choose their favourite keepsakes by liking and commenting. The voting will be open until Friday 29th November.

The votes will be taken into consideration when we choose the final top 12 keepsakes for 2013, one for each theme of the 12 Days of Christmas, descriptions are below:

12 Drummers Drumming: Most Original Keepsake
11 Pipers Piping: Gifts for Boys (kids and teens)
10 Lords-a-leaping: Gifts for Men (adults)
9 Ladies Dancing: Gifts for ladies (adults)
8 Maids-a-milking: Gifts for girls (kids and teens)
7 Swans-a-swiming: Animal themed keepsakes
6 Geese-a-laying: Gifts for babies
5 Gold Rings: Any type of jewellery (not just gold!)
4 Calling Birds: Keepsakes with messages
3 French Hens: Quirky and unusual keepsakes
2 Turtle Doves: Gifts for couples
A Partridge in a pear tree: Family themed keepsake

If you wish to take part, you must be a member of the Guild, you can join by visiting the website
You can then submit your items by emailing or messaging us on Facebook or by Twitter DM

We look forward to seeing your fabulous keepsakes!

Love from the Guild team x

Friday, 12 July 2013

Keepsake Business of the Week- Paperama

This week our award went to the lovely Kerry from Paperama, She is a lovely member of the community and makes everyone feel welcome. Here are her interview responses which were posted on Thursday evening:

1. What is the nature of your business? 

I make hand-cut paper art keepsakes, gifts and wall art. I make people smile through taking an idea, turning it into a design and making it pop from the page, using a computer / pencil, paper and a scalpel.

2: Who are you and how did you start your business?

I’m Kerry, 32, have been a youth worker for the last 10years and am ending my 3rd year of my youth work degree (I am doing this for me not for the work ). I currently live with my folks – long story. We have always had crafty things in the house: shelves of paper, boxes of bits ‘n’ bobs, glues, things I don’t even know the name of never mind what I’m supposed to do with them. My Mum used to make cards and my Dad can turn his hand to pretty much anything and recently started painting. I decided late December I was going to make a card for my cousin, cutting out his name I really enjoyed it, started looking around the internet throwing words into google and was fascinated. I started trying different things and amazed myself. I met and was introduced to some amazing people who helped me find resources and supplies and if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement from my folks (not to mention the supplies they had already), the amazing friends I have and have met along the way and the fact I love it and enjoy it I wouldn’t be answering these questions.

3: What is the best thing about selling keepsakes? 

I enjoy the fact I am making people smile, I love hearing the joy my creations have brought to someone else. I love that I am giving someone something during that special time / event that they can keep. I love that there are so many possibilities. I also love the fact that I have found an art form that I can do, share and develop.

4. What are your short term plans, any events etc.? 

Kerry: I haven’t booked to attend any events yet although people keep telling me I should, it makes me a little nervous at the moment. I hope things will continue to grow and I have some new ideas being developed so I hope to get those out soon. I have to focus on finishing my degree and not sending my parents (particularly my Dad) around the twist with “what do you think?” “what about this?”.

5. What are your long term goals. i.e where do you think you will be in 5 years time? 

To be honest I don’t really know I am working on this at the moment. I would really love to be successful, I hope business is booming and is enough to be full time. I hope to have new lines and ideas and to have more space to work in / store things.

Finally, Do you have any valuable information, tips or advice about being successful?

Don’t give up. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. As long as you are true to yourself and honest in your work keep going. Have faith in your own imagination and creativeness, don’t look to other people’s work for it, you have it all around you. Don’t take on too much and don’t let it become a chore, enjoy it.


We hope you have enjoyed reading and remember if you want to be in with a chance of being a Keepsake Business of the Week, keep interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Interview: JellyBean Home Decor & Gifts

Our Keepsake Business of the week was awarded to Anastacia of JellyBean Home Decor & Gifts as we felt she had made a great contribution to the page over the course of the week. We choose one business to win the award on a Friday and they get to feature as our cover photo over the weekend! We also like to find out more about the business so we ask some questions, these will be shared on the Facebook page as well as here on the Blog.

What is the nature of your business?

We make personalised home decor and gifts made to customer specification. What the customer wants, the customer gets  We make a range of items including freestanding words, shapes, clipboards, hanging signs, moons and so much more. Our product range is always evolving based on our customer requests. 

Who are you and how did you start your business?

 I am Anastasia, I'm 19, I'm a big animal lover! Jellybean was founded when I had to leave my previous job as a carer due to injury. I couldn't do nothing as it was sending me crazy, and having always been the arty type, I got creative and Jellybean was born. 

What is the best thing about selling keepsakes?

The best thing about making keepsakes is knowing each piece is never the same, it's completely unique to that customer and completely individual to their requests. I love it when customers tell me the back story of the keepsake, it allows me to really learn more about why i'm creating a particular piece. 

What are your short term plans, any events etc.?

Our short term goals are fairly simple at the moment, we're unable to attend any events at this time but we're working to continue to networking, build our range, improve our business to move to bigger things in the coming years. 

What are your long term goals. i.e where do you think you will be in 5 years time?

 I'm not sure what stage our business will be at in 5 years time, we HOPE that we'll have moved to stocking local family run shops, perhaps even with a shop of our own. We'd like to eventually have a shop with not only our items, but other small business' items.

Finally, Do you have any valuable information, tips or advice about being successful?

Love what you do, learn from your mistakes, be friendly and follow the rules. Our business blog on the website is catered for fellow small business' and is full of tips and advice about business matters, i feel it's important to pass on things I've learnt along the way.

If you are interested in Anastacia's work, please visit the website and the facebook page 

If you want to be in with a chance of winning a KBOTW award make sure you visit the Facebook page and simply interact!

Monday, 1 July 2013

The GKA Market Event July 2013

We are pleased to announce that the first Guild Market Event will take place on our Facebook page between Friday 4th July - Monday 8th July. There will be a range of handmade 'keepsake' items from our Guild members which will be available to order over the weekend event.

If you are interested in taking part then the deadline for submitting your products is Monday 1st July. 

When: Friday 4th July- Monday 8th July 2013

Please make a note in your diaries to pop over to the facebook page and have a browse at the special gifts available to commission from our very talented members.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Looking for unique personalised gifts for Father's Day 2013 then take a look at some of the handmade items on offer by our Guild members. Father's Day this year is Sunday 16th June so you need to be quick to ensure you get exactly what you want!

We have sorted it into themes and will be adding to it regularly so make sure you bookmark us and pop back to see what is new:


Wooden Plaques by HOMEWOOD STYLE

Football clocks by PINENEEDLES


Truck Keyring by PINENEEDLES

Garage keyring by PINENEEDLES
Vintage Car Card by Waterlily Cards

VW Campervan cushion by NICKY'S CRAFTY SEW AND SOO


Ipad Case by KIMMI

Matching Iphone Case and Mug by INSPIRATIONS IN COLOUR

Message Keyrings by Tiny Treasures

Silver cufflinks by LITTLE SILVER MEMORIES


Leather Stamped Message Cuff by REBEKAH HEYBURN JEWELLERY


Puzzle coaster by RED SPOTTY DOG


Print by The Nightingale Gallery

Shirt and Tie Card By Clairez Cardz

Superhero card by Waterlily Cards


Word Art Frame by FAMILY FRAMES

Hanging hearts by WELSH COTTON CRAFTS

DIY Paper Bunting by MAYBEDAISY
From your Monkey/Princess plaques by Kraft Kreations

Word art by Dolly Dimples Keepsakes

If you wish to order any of these items please contact us

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Each year of a wedding anniversary, it is symbolic to give a gift of that material, so we have started comprising a list of handmade keepsake items from our members that fit into the categories as the Ultimate Anniversary Gift List! We will be updating this list regularly.

1st Paper
Framed poem with butterflies- LibertyRainne
Folded Hearts by It's Divine In Brighton

Love paper cut by Floppsie Moppsie

Anniversary Word Art by My Family Home

2nd Cotton
Cotton cushion by Welsh Cotton Crafts

3rd Leather

4th Fruit, flowers
Your choice of special flower by Homewood Style

5th Wood

Love Keyrings by pineneedles

Wooden Initial Hearts by Homewood Style

Freestanding Hearts and Initials by JellyBean Home Decor & Gifts

Message Hearts by SimplyWood at Eldermeadows

6th Sugar

7th Copper, wool

Copper Heart Keyrings by Little Boo Keepsakes

8th Bronze, pottery
Bronze coloured casts by Diane Gains Keepsake Artist

9th Pottery, willow

10th Tin

11th Steel
Stamped stainless steel keyrings- Tiny Treasures

12th Silk, linen

13th Lace

14th Ivory

15th Crystal

20th China

25th Silver

30th Pearl

35th Coral

40th Ruby
Nasturiums Card- the symbolic flower by Joosey Bee Designs
45th Sapphire

50th Gold
Framed message by As Pretty As A Picture

55th Emerald

60th Diamond
Embroidered Diamond Card by Creative Stitching

Please pop back as we will be updating this list regularly! If you wish to order any of the above items please get in contact with us

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Winner: Em's Jewellery

Congratulations Em's Jewellery who won our Mother's Day Keepsake Voting Competition 
with this stamped keyring!

Make sure you check out Em's Jewellery on Facebook for more examples of her hand stamped jewellery

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mother's Day Keepsake Competition

Voting has now begun in The Guild of Keepsake Artists 'Mother's Day Keepsake Competition'.

All the photos have been uploaded to the Facebook album here View the Entries and to vote all you have to do is 'Like' the picture and leave a comment. Likes without a comment will not count unless there is a tie.

The winner of the Competition will have an interview feature on the blog plus will be featured as our cover photo for a Week, which will be changed each day!

Good Luck to all the members who have entered!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

heART Awards Winners

Well Done to everyone who took part in The Guild of Keepsake Artists Valentine's heART Awards. The judging panel consisted of our very own Ambassador Team and they had a really hard time deciding who to vote for but here are the winners which we annnounced on our Facebook page on Valentine's Day!

The 'That's Amore' Award goes to Rebekah Heyburn Jewellery with this
piece which is classically romantic, with a slightly modern twist, we ♥ it!
The 'Love Letters' Award was a really tough one to call as there were so many to choose
from but in the end we settled on these engraved initial coasters by 
as we were so impressed with the workmanship involved!

Our judges were very split on this Award but in the end MaryMakes colourful
heart garland won us over as our Flirty and Fun Make!
We decided on something sweet and simple for our 'aww factor' award,
this freestanding plaque by 
Angie's Crafty Hearts

The Family Home was our runaway winner for the 'Love @ First Sight' Award,
an incredible keepsake using a lot of skill, creativity and patience.

To see the full list of nominees and their lovely Valentine's themed pieces please visit