Friday, 13 April 2012

Website Launch!

That's right I said Launch...not Lunch! (i'm hungry can you tell?)

It's been a couple of months in the making but the website has finally gone LIVE! I wanted to make sure it's boots were polished and it has cleaned behind it's ears before exposing it to the public. As with any web development we will be adding and adapting it as we go along but so far the links are working, the shop is functioning and all systems are go.

We can now be found on

We have a fully interactive home page with direct links to the shop catagories and the large image at the top will take you to the recent featured artist blog posts:

Every member is eligable to purchase a 'pitch' on the site. We currently offer packages for 3 months and 12 months at very low prices so you can choose it to suit your business. We have started up with a nice selection of products from various keepsake artists:

Neverland Keepsake Creations are primarily jewelley but they also have products available in Men, Children & Love!

Ingrained in Grain are also Jewellery but their style is completely different!

Liboli Creations share a couple of their best selling keepsake in the paper craft catagory.

Pretty as a Picture have a variety of decorative handmade pictures for a range of purposes.

Heartworks is showcasing some of their most popular pieces in the textiles catagory and the Children's catagory.

Tammels who make felted creatures feature in the art objects catagory and also make wonderful gifts for Children.

Fingertips could have been a number of catagories but you will find their unique art in Decorative!

We are looking for any new members to set up their pitch so they can use it to direct to their customers, paypal provides a safe way to accept payments and customers should feel more comfortable ordering directly from the site.

So, who wants to join us on our exciting new venture? If you have any questions please email or visit the facebook page We are here to take the hassel and expense of selling and networking online!

Come and visit us and give us some feedback as we want to continually improve and develop the site to make it the best! A one stop shop for keepsake art

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