Saturday, 29 December 2012

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas....

On behalf of the Guild and the Ambassadors who have worked so hard this year we wanted to say thank you to every member and every fan of The Guild of Keepsake Artists. We have lots of exciting to secret projects planned for the next year but we will be keeping some of our favourite things ticking over. Here are some of things we hope to continue with:

  • Keepsake Artist of the Month and feature their interview and work on our blog. We have the next couple of artists lined up already and they are good-un's!
  • Give members the opportunity to be featured artists for the day as we have in the past and promote them through our facebook page
  • Lots of fun games and activities that everyone can get involved in and get to know each other, after all we are a community and we have seen some strong online friendships formed though our work!
  • Themed days run by our ambassadors, the format may be changed slightly but we still need to fine tune it!
Our Main New Year Resolution is to UPDATE THE BLOG more regularly! So make sure you bookmark us or google+ us or whatever we do these days to keep on being notified of new posts!

I will be back soon with some more updates but for now I will leave you with our completed 
Secret Santa Advent Calender featuring some wonderful keepsake artists.

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