Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Meet the Maker - The Little Drawing Company

Danielle Freeman of 'The Little Drawing Company answered some of our questions about herself and her business.

How did you decide on your business name?
The business name took a while, at first I thought I would sell personalised items for the home, this developed into pictures OF people's homes and then onto portraits. "crafty & paintpot" seemed to umbrella lots of artistic ideas so it stuck. 

What year did you establish your business?
I registered the website last year and the domain names and have built things slowly. 

What led you to create your business?
I love drawing. I work part time in an architectural office as well, drawing and designing extensions and houses. I sometimes develop those drawings into watercolours, particularly if the design needs planning permission, as colour and 3D perspective help others to visualise the scheme. I've drawn all my life and its something I can just melt into. When I draw and paint the time seems to fly, I'm a bit of a night owl so usually my husband has to tell me to stop and go to bed! 

Is there one item that you’ve created which is more memorable than others?
The first picture that comes to mind is a watercolour I painted of a friend's house. My confidence was quite low at the time, I was looking to start work again and money was tight. My friend gave me some great advice and switched my motivation back on. As a thank you I painted a picture of his beautiful house. It was the first thing I had drawn since before my children were born and every time I look at it, I smile and feel motivated all over again. 

What’s your most expensive item?
An A3 Pencil & Watercolour painting is most expensive but I am looking to simplify my product range and look a bit more closely at branding... 

What’s your most affordable item?
We are currently about to launch our first 'Baby Event' an A4 pencil drawing of a your child for only £22 with free P&P.. 

What are your plans for your business this coming year?
Oooohh, I have sooooo many ideas, prints of celebrity faces, work on business branding and packaging, summer fairs, loads more competitions and prizes and obvious TONS more drawing etc. My brain sometimes buzzes at 100mph but I may have to invent a time machine that actually produces 'extra time' first.... 

A little bit of fun...

What’s your most favourite BBQ food?
Anything BBQ is a yes from me. Although nothing says summer like barbecued steak with crispy salad and an ice cold fruit cider....mmmmm!

Which celebrity would you invite to a BBQ?
Mmm, maybe James Corden, anyone that can make me laugh. 

What’s your favourite drink on a summer’s evening?
Has to be Kopparburg, chilled with some dry roasted peanuts... simple things. 

Shorts or Skirts? Skirts. 

Wedges or ballet pumps?
I have to be awkward here, I have a hybrid of both, slight wedge, open toe, ballet style feel and I love them. So I'm going for hybrid! 

Day on the beach or a day shopping? Day on the beach. 

Favourite place to visit?
My favourite place to visit has to be London. Its beautiful. Busy, vibrant, exciting and you never get bored. Don't get to visit enough so maybe I should plan more trips this year....where's that time machine.....

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