Monday, 11 May 2015

Meet the Maker - A Lasting Impression

We asked some quick-fire questions to Hannah Eustace-Raw about her business 'A Lasting Impression, here is what she had to say.

How did you decide on your business name? 
I wanted it to describe what I do so I wanted impression in there & I wanted to use the dots of the 'i's as a hand paw and foot print so I needed 3 'i's! 

What led you to create your business?
Wanted to something other than be a full time Mum & we had to travel an hour to get casts done for my second son as the lady who used to do it in Harrogate had stopped. 

Is there one item that you’ve created which is more memorable than others?
My family hands raised impression as it took ages and was a huge experiment. I't now framed above my fire place so I look at it a lot!

What’s your most expensive item? 

The family hands raised impression at £250

What’s your most affordable item? 
A small fingerprint charm at £42

What are your plans for your business this coming year? 
Advertise & become well known in Harrogate

... a few FUN questions

What’s your most favourite BBQ food? Sausages

Which celebrity would you invite to a BBQ & why? 
Brian Cox as he's really made physics popular & he'd be interesting to talk to.

What’s your favourite drink on a summer’s evening? 
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 

Shorts or skirts? Skirts

Wedges or ballet pumps? Wedges

Day on the beach or a day shopping? Beach 

Favourite place to visit? Devon

If you want to see more work by Hannah, check out her Facebook page - A Lasting Impression Harrogate

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