Sunday, 17 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

Hello and Happy New Year, I know we are already on the 17th January but it is never too late!

The Guild of Keepsake Artists took a break in the run up to Christmas, this was due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the Guild is helped to run by a number of volunteers who all run their own keepsake businesses and as you should be aware the months leading up to Christmas are generally the busiest, and I think 2015 was one of the best yet! We were underprepared for the lack of time we would have to update the blog and website but hopefully some plans we are putting into place this year will mean we can support our members in 2016 and beyond. Secondly, and really crucially you have probably noticed that organic reach through Facebook is at an all time low as they make changes to the way users see posts from pages. We have a number of tips we can share with you (in anther blog post) but it has affected us so badly that we felt it was time for a change and we would rather communicate through the tried and tested method of blog posts and the newsletters.

So, where are we now? There is a still a long way to go until we establish the blog but we have been planning away in the background. The first change you might have noticed is our new branding, we are lucky to have a graphic designer on the team and so we decided that a new year needed a fresh look, it is not too dissimilar to previous so you should still recognise us though! Our key values are still the same too, we aim to provide advice, support, networking and community and they will be playing a big part in our plans for the year.

As mentioned earlier in the post, we will be using this blog as our main communication channel to  share news, hints and tips on business and networking as well as getting to know our members. Please remember to bookmark the blog and look out on our social media channels where we will be posting links to our latest posts just for you.

We would appreciate any members contacting us at any time to tell us about their latest news or products and we are more than happy to share and promote those for you, just send us an email

Keep those eyes peeled for new and exciting content coming soon!

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