Thursday, 15 January 2015

Meet The Maker - Barbra Stretch

We caught up with designer-maker Barbra from Joosey Bee Designs, Guild member and Ambassador.

Hi Babs, Nice to meet you, tell me what is the nature of your keepsake business? 
I design bespoke greetings cards, stationery and artwork using Joosey Bee imagery (line drawings, painting and photography) and a little computer magic!

So, who are you and how did you start your business?
My name is Barbra, wife and mum to 3 kids, living in York. I am a Design Communication graduate. I had my first baby 7 months after graduation! I started my business when my youngest was just over 1 year old, after I'd made a few cards for family and friends. I realised how much I wanted to get back into designing and illustrating and decided to go for it and open a page.

What do you think is the best thing about selling keepsakes?
It has got to be the lovely feedback, I treat each card as a design brief, I research so I can convey as much meaning I can through that image. The cards are so personal to the customer and recipient. Its wonderful to know you have created something special for someone!

What are your short term plans for Joosey Bee Designs?
In the next few months I am planning to create my website. I also have a few products I'd like to work on. I would love to do some craft fairs but need to sort out my stock first!

And...what are your long term goals, where do you think you will be in 5 years time?
In 5 years time I hope I am designing and illustrating as a job. All my children will be at school so my ultimate goal is to be able to work around school hours and holidays, creating wonderful things.

Finally, Do you have any valuable information, tips or advice about being successful?

Believe in yourself, if in doubt, stop, step away and pour a glass of wine! xx

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