Monday, 1 April 2013

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Each year of a wedding anniversary, it is symbolic to give a gift of that material, so we have started comprising a list of handmade keepsake items from our members that fit into the categories as the Ultimate Anniversary Gift List! We will be updating this list regularly.

1st Paper
Framed poem with butterflies- LibertyRainne
Folded Hearts by It's Divine In Brighton

Love paper cut by Floppsie Moppsie

Anniversary Word Art by My Family Home

2nd Cotton
Cotton cushion by Welsh Cotton Crafts

3rd Leather

4th Fruit, flowers
Your choice of special flower by Homewood Style

5th Wood

Love Keyrings by pineneedles

Wooden Initial Hearts by Homewood Style

Freestanding Hearts and Initials by JellyBean Home Decor & Gifts

Message Hearts by SimplyWood at Eldermeadows

6th Sugar

7th Copper, wool

Copper Heart Keyrings by Little Boo Keepsakes

8th Bronze, pottery
Bronze coloured casts by Diane Gains Keepsake Artist

9th Pottery, willow

10th Tin

11th Steel
Stamped stainless steel keyrings- Tiny Treasures

12th Silk, linen

13th Lace

14th Ivory

15th Crystal

20th China

25th Silver

30th Pearl

35th Coral

40th Ruby
Nasturiums Card- the symbolic flower by Joosey Bee Designs
45th Sapphire

50th Gold
Framed message by As Pretty As A Picture

55th Emerald

60th Diamond
Embroidered Diamond Card by Creative Stitching

Please pop back as we will be updating this list regularly! If you wish to order any of the above items please get in contact with us

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