Thursday, 8 December 2011

Featured Artist: Blackwood Forrest Gateaux

A bit of an unusual featured artist tonight, Helena from Black Forrest Gateaux is a bespoke cake maker. A cake isn't something you can keep forever but the concept of creating something personalised that is special at a particular time counts as a keepsake in my eyes so here is our interview...

Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you create that is a bespoke keepsake?
I'm Helena Forrest and i run Blackwood Forrest Gateaux, my keepsake is more of a memory as i make cakes, but i do have some customers that havent cut their cake as they have said "they look too good to cut" but on some of my cakes there are my handmade sugar item that can be kept, figures etc

How and when did you start creating what you do?
I started my business at the beginning of 2011 as i'd been making cakes for friends for years and i thought i had nothing to lose, it all started with a page on facebook ask my friends to join and it just snowballed from there within days most of my likers that weren't my friends and i had "proper" customers :-).

What is your favourite thing about making keepsakes?
I love making and designing bespoke cakes something a bit different to suit that person. the stranger the better.

What are your most popular/ best selling items?
The cake i seem to make the most of is my tatty teddy which I can change in to any type of bear i made it in to Pudsey in November.

Do you have an online shop/Facebook page/Etsy shop? Where do you think most of your sales are generated?
I have a page on facebook which gives me a lot of custom but word of mouth seems to work the better for me.

Are you planning to introduce any new products to your range?

I'm going to start make cake pop just cause my kids loved them when i tried them the other week and see how my customers like them

Thanks for reading our latest interview, look out for the next one, it might even be you!

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